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Group of watermelon ice lollies surrounded by fresh watermelon, watermelon leaves and kiwi fruit.
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Watermelon ice lollies

These fun fresh watermelon ice lollies have just three ingredients are super simple to make. With no added sugar they are the perfect healthy treat or snack.
Prep Time10 mins
Cook Time0 mins
Freezing time8 hrs
Total Time8 hrs 10 mins
Course: Dessert, Snack
Cuisine: Australian, British
Keyword: ice block, icy block, icy lolly, icy pole, paleta, watermelon popsicle
Servings: 6 3.4 oz (100ml) each


  • Popsicle molds and sticks
  • Food processor or chopping attachment to a stick or immersion blender


  • 2 lbs (950gms) ripe red seedless watermelon
  • 3 large ripe kiwi fruit
  • ½ tablespoon jam set or pectin


  • Cut the rind and white off the watermelon and cut into large chunks.
  • Add to a food processor and blitz until smooth. Add the jamset and blitz until well combined.
  • Strain the watermelon, pressing down on the flesh with a spatula to push through the watermelon flesh but leaving behind any small seeds.
  • Pour into popsicle molds, leaving about a half inch (1.25cm) gap at the top. Add sticks. Freeze for about four hours, or until firm.
  • Peel the kiwi fruit and cut into chunks.
  • Add to food processor and blitz until smooth.
  • Strain the blitzed kiwi fruit to remove most of the black seeds.
  • Fill the remaining gap in the molds on top of the watermelon with kiwi fruit.
  • Freeze for about four hours, or until firm.
  • To serve remove from freezer, eat and enjoy!


Jamset or pectin is available from some supermarkets, canning stores or online.  A little bit helps stop the icy lollies from separating.  You can leave it out if you prefer, but your ice lollies may separate as the freeze.