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Close up of row of three non alcoholic sangria popsicle, on a green background, surrounded by strawberries, blueberries and orange slices
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Non alcoholic sangria popsicles

These non alcoholic sangria popsicles are full of fresh summer berries and tangy citrus, infused with red wine and a touch of cinnamon. They have all the refreshing flavours of a tall glass of chilled sangria without the alcohol.
Prep Time15 mins
Plus chilling and freezing time8 hrs
Course: Dessert, Snack
Cuisine: Austalian, Spanish
Keyword: ice block, icy block, icy lollie, icy pole, non alcoholic, paleta, popsicle, sangria, wine punch
Servings: 6 popsicles, X (100mls) each


  • popsicle moulds and sticks


  • 1 and ½ cups (375mls) non alcoholic red wine such as shiraz
  • 1 and ½ tablespoons 22.5gms) castor sugar
  • 2 large oranges - enough for ⅓ cup plus 1 tablespoon (100mls) juice
  • ½ large lemon
  • 6 - 10 medium strawberries
  • ½ cup blueberries


  • Juice oranges and lemon. Strain juice and add to a jug.
  • Add one cup of wine to jug.
  • Add sugar and stir well until sugar is all dissolved.
  • Cut up strawberries into small pieces. Add strawberries, blueberries and cinnamon stick to jug. Stir well.
  • Top up jug with wine until its up to 2 and ⅓ cups and one tablespoon (600mls). Chill in fridge to allow flavours to mix, at least four hours, ideally overnight.
  • Remove cinnamon stick. Use a spoon to transfer strawberries and blueberries evenly between popsicle moulds.
  • Top up popsicle moulds with wine mix. Add sticks and freeze overnight.
  • Gently remove from moulds and enjoy!


You can make these with regular wine, but you will need to reduce the amount of wine to about half the total volume and increase the amount of orange juice to compensate,  otherwise the alcohol in the wine will stop them from freezing properly.  
I used freshly squeezed orange juice and a mix of strawberries and blueberries in the popsicles for extra flavour, but you could use a different juice and different fruit if you prefer, or leave the fruit pieces out all together.